A Team Approach Mentality to Achieve the Excellence in Craftsmanship and Customer Satisfaction

A vandon is an innovative 3D visualization and multimedia. Services range from simple massing 3d modeling, architectural rendering, photomontage rendering to architectural animation, 3D walk through, 3D fly through, 3D property commercial, architectural visualization and multimedia presentation video.

We work with you and the design team to make sure these target estimates and designs meet your project’s goals. The design build approach means tighter schedules, a competitive, cost-efficient facility, and a fully-informed customer throughout the entire construction and development process.

Avandon offers services exclusively to its clients as part of construction services.


Using the architectural schematics, we apply texture, colors, and add other elements to bring the rendering to life. The low resolution photos may be used for website or various type of marketing. The renderings are free as part of our construction, which gives our client a realistic image of the project.


Using the architectural schematics, we apply texture colors and add other elements to bring the rendering to life. For additional fees, Avandon designer, will enhance the rendering with animations for video marketing in any format.  The Poster-size images may be used for websites or marketing.


Rendering for businesses may require additional tasks, such as filtering, lighting shadows, other 3D elements, which require extra hours to design per custom specification, which could be used for manufacturing the furniture and fixtures to match the rendering upon completion of the construction.


Complex project requires detail filtering, furniture customization, and manufacturing. Charges will be based on actual hours. The texturing will be detailed, and the rendering will be in full HD resolution. Furthermore, HD fly through will be produce for real estate and financing marketing transactions.